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Chatterie du Ktema Noir - Elevage de chats Sacré de Birmanie
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Birth of a passion : Birma catChatons Sacré de Birmanie

Cattery of Ktema Noir

I always lived with cats called “house cats”, then I received birthday present, when I was a teenager, a book on cats, and there I fall in love with the birmans cat, seeing that cat I have a favorite. Wonder that became a reality 28 years after the discover of this race, what patience… My husband offer me my first birman, a chocolate boy in show quality. We started to adopt a seal point girl and seeing this chocolate kitten in our hearts for this little kitten capsized with such beautiful bleu eyes. Then we made show and thus was born my passion for this race “the birman” cat and desire to begin a birman breeding near my city Lyon. Rhône- Alpes region. I was encouraged, helped and abetted by friendly breeder, in their own way, guided me to my choice and I acquired some knowledge of the breed birman complicated to raise, but how exciting and devouring.

Indeed, to present a birman cat in international show of beauty, white glove isn’t enough, you must have a birman donning white symmetric front and back gloves, blues eyes almost as dark as possible like a sapphire, a massive body, a roman nose, ears well placed, and a semi-long fur silky. The birman cat has to be perfectly groomed for presentation at international beauty show.

Birman may be, as the Siamese cat can be very talkative, he has a soft voice, who can make themselves understood. This is a clever cat, easy to train, which can adapt to all sorts of situations. The objective of our family breeding “cattery of Ktema Noir” is to know the birman race. Birman, this beautiful cat, because of its beauty but also its temperament, playful and affectionate nature, the birman cat is a very committed, very loyal to his human, therefore very close members of his human family, there is even talk of “cat-dog”. The birman is very present.

The goal of breeding is also to be born beautiful kittens, why my select Birmans parents, according to the characteristics of the breed and are thus consistent with the birman standard. We present our Birmans beauty contests “international show of beauty” to be seen and recognized by relevant international judges.

We are concerned about the well being of our future kittens living with us so they are well socialized. Birman kittens are all holders Loof pedigree, vaccined and identified by microchip. Join  their new adoptive family at the age of 11 to 12 weeks. The colors of our kittens are seal, blue, chocolat or lilac point or tabby point.

Feel free to contact us for more information and inquiries.

Come and see our family breeding of Birmans, we are located 14 kms southwest of Lyon, Rhône-Alpes region, more precisely in common Charly, near the A7 et A45 motorway.

We are glad you visit our web pages.
Thanks to the internet, we have the will to provide you with useful information about our birmans.

We will update our site as often as possible while keeping you informed.


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Last updated : June 8th 2021


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Plans for 2021 (kittens and planning)

Chatons Sacré de Birmanie